Market Studies

MW Chile offers foreign companies the support for a successful introduction into the Chilean market.

One of the main concerns of every company is getting customers. No matter how prepared you are, how good is your website, or how big is your company, the certifications you obtained, if you don't get paying customers you don't have a business.

Having clarified that point, let's ask ourselves: What can I do to get more customers? As always, the answer depends whether you just started your business or you've been around for a while, and have at least a few customers. Let me explain then what are the four basic steps to start attracting more customers:

1. Communicate effectively what you do

This seems obvious, but many professionals fails at this. If a person doesn't know what your company does, he/she wouldn't want to buy from you, or wouldn't even consider it. Not only that, not even your friends would be able to recommend you because they wouldn't know what you do.

So, the first step is taking the time to explain clearly and concisely what you do. Who do you help, and why.

2. Advertising, advertising and more advertising.

A hated work by many (along with marketing), but once you are able to communicate what you do it's essential to spread the word. And proactively, we don't create a website and sit waiting for customers.

Advertising is a whole world, and there are different types and mediums. We know the most effective way for each company, according to their business type and target market. We market ourselves in many forms: talks, networking events, speaking to friends, writing a blog, and lastly you can always do paid advertising.

3. Having what they want

Another essential in our business. It's not enough to be passionate about what you do, or thinking it will sell, or thinking you know what potential customers want. It has to be what people want, the solution to their problems.

It's fundamental finding out what it is that potential customers want, else you lose time, money and motivation trying to sell something they don't want.

4. Knowing how to sell

Another big tabu, sales. Something that scares anyone who hasn't been trained in this area, and that is also essential, because if you don't know how to sell that you have, no matter how good it is, you don't have a business.